Go for a relaxed fit shirt to move comfortably and opt for Airy Essence Tee from Athleta. Made from lightweight and breathable  materials to cool off on warm weather. Very comfy shirt to wear for hours, whether at the gym or outdoors. Great quality shirt, not too baggy or loose just the right length. to wear your way. Not too baggy or loose just the right length. A very flattering shirt that goes well layered with a sports bra. Cut-out detail makes it a very special shirt to wear. This shirt will dry fast in case you seat allot.  Looks great with leggings and shorts.

Go for something different from shirts or leggings get a skort. Get support and coverage with  a Dot Stripe Swagger Skort from Athleta. Lightweight and comfortable skirt to play ay with confidence. There is a built-in short to keep skirt in place.  he added stretch in the leg area lets you move without restrictions. Two pockets: right-side and up-side to store tennis balls or phone. Get inspired and determined to go for a longer run and hit more balls. Be ready for  lots of compliments on how  good this  skort looks on you. Wear with confidence to your workout or sport, feeling and  amazing.

Go for compression pants that won’t stick to your skin and opt for High Rise Precision 7/8 Tight from Athleta. These tights  high rise help make your stomach look flatter and  cover that annoying muffin top. Move comfortably these tights stay in place and won’t slip, so you can continue pushing  yourself in these t  ⅞ length ankle jeans.  Go for high jumps and climb comfortably, High Rise Precision 7/8 Tight  are made with  breathable material for great ventilation. Flattering in sexy and athletic fit to  standout when you wear them. Sweat doesn’t perspire and fabric will look dry. These tights will  keep shape after many wears. High Rise Precision 7/8 Tight will feel like second skin and help you carry on with workout.

Go for sleek fabric made from plastic bottles and feel comfortable with Leopard Set Go Shorts 4” from Athleta. Redesigned shorts with comfortable waistband and deeper pockets in the sides. Great fit that stays in place and won’t ride up even after hour of wear. These shorts are made with quality and durable materials. Get ready for many  compliments when you go for a run  uphill.

Experience great cushioning designed for women  and get GT 2000 4 Lite Show Run Shoe by Asics from Athleta. Take care of your feet and get the support you need. Comfortable shoes in a bright color with lots of cushioning and comfort to go past your running goal. These shoes provide phenomenal stability and adapt to your feet very well for long runs. Feel cool and dry and get extra cushioning with the  Comfordry Sockliner.

Get moving, strive for the best in your sport or fitness and shop for comfortable clothes and shoes from Athleta.