A great story is actually nothing with no good guide, and the ultimate Fantasy series happens to be known for that diversity associated with its guide characters over time. Here all of us will detail all of the leading figures from Last Fantasy VII — XII.

Impair Strife

Cloud Strife created his debut within the acclaimed Last Fantasy VII. Their most apparent features tend to be his chocobo-inspired spiky locks, and their famous Buster Blade, a huge sword nearly as big as he’s! Cloud has turned into a staple personality for Sq . Enix, and it has appeared within FFVII, FF Strategies, Advent Kids, Dirge associated with Cerberus, the actual Kingdom Minds game, as well as Itadaki Road Special.

Squall Leonhart

Squall Leonhart may be the lead protagonist within Final Dream VIII. The sequence took a significant shift right into a more practical visual design, and this particular showed seriously in Squall, who had an extremely natural gown sense as well as an appearance that is alleged to become inspired through Gackt. Although old Final Dream fans offers often criticise Squall’s character to be too angsty as well as emotion, he has turned into a popular favorite, and created numerous appearances within the Kingdom Minds games.

Zidane Tribal

When Last Fantasy IX revisited the greater traditional roots from the series, therefore did it’s lead personality. Zidane Tribal ended up being a a lot more upbeat as well as energetic personality than possibly Squall or even Cloud, that never impeded him! Although less popular as a few of the other prospects, he offers appeared within Itadaki Road Portable, and seems to be on the leading of the actual cast top the forthcoming Dissida -Final Fantasy-


Tidus was the primary characters within Final Dream X. His style was centred upon that of the footballer, that was also emphasised through the game’s well-liked sport, Blitzball, that was essentially soccer underwater. Their hyperactive as well as emotional personality would observe him cherished and disliked by enthusiasts in equivalent measure. He made a short appearance within the first Empire Hearts online game, and additionally appears within Itadaki Road Special.


Even though story associated with Final Dream XII isn’t directly centred upon Vaan, it is actually told through his perspective. Vaan would come out be much more unique through past characters for the reason that his tale is created and their character matures faster and much more profoundly compared to past prospects, and this particular maturity additionally helps develop a few of the other characters within the game. Their appeared within Itadaki Road Portable, is placed to come in the forthcoming DS bounded follow up FFXII: Revenant Wings, and can also create a brief look in FF Strategies A2.