Carrying a record of 3W-5L-6D as captain and the third-highest total wickets in a calendar year, Anil Kumble has had a successful run on his first year as head coach for Team India. Praised even by former India coach John Wright, saying that Team India is lucky to be defending their ICC trophy with Kumble as head coach. Believing in his capabilities as head coach even after just one year, the former head coach views Team India to be a strong contender this year.

Under Kumble’s guidance, Team India has garnered great numbers in Test matches and has risen up to the top in a span of one year. Incidentally, it turns out to be the critical year right before they defend their title from the ICC Champions Trophy 2013.

Although Team India has won almost every series while Kumble is a coach, officials from the BCCI still won’t guarantee an extension for Kumble’s position. Asked about the odds regarding Kumble’s extension depending on the outcome of the upcoming ICC Champion Trophy 2017 Live, a senior BCCI official said that it remains 50-50 even if India is able to defend its trophy successfully.

During his time on the field, Kumble was able to grab almost every Indian record and a few international ones. With his unique technique, making up for what he lacks as a ball turner, his career as a bowler is one that was downplayed, but not underappreciated. Even his spectacular display of endurance for playing with a fractured jaw is not a feat ignored by the cricket world.

Kumble’s career in numbers has more ups than downs. Playing as one of India’s most effective bowlers in history, he has played 132 Tests and 272 ODIs. With a professional career spanning eighteen years of glory, Kumble has claimed 619 wickets in Tests and 337 in ODIs. With amazing technique and consistency as an athlete, Jumbo(Kumble) was able to retire from the international scene proudly, carrying the record for the third-highest wicket-taker in Tests.

Having delivered India’s first win at home against Pakistan in 27 long years as Test skipper, the incumbent coach for Team India may very well be able to give the team a back-to-back win for the ICC Champions Trophy.

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